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  • Are we aiming for 10,000 steps on top of exercise steps?
    Yes - baby steps though. Work hitting your 10k first inclusive. For some people it will be simple for others more difficult so do what you can. NB: We have stepper workouts to help achieve 10k steps, on days where you are maybe struggling to get out. These are included in your daily steps.
  • Does sparkling water count towards my daily water total?
    Yes, it most certainly does as does squash. Water from tea & coffee you can include too, however keep them limited.
  • Is there an ideal time to take the protein shake in an exercise and non-exercise day?
    This is an argued topic in the fitness industry - some say after workout is best, but as long as you get in the daily amount you need it should be fine. Having a shake after exercise may help you remember to have one, thus ensuring your protein intake for the day is enough.
  • I struggle to keep up with the messages in the support group, will I miss anything if I don’t read everything?
    Most likely, no. Just remember your 3 tasks: 1) Daily check ins by 8pm Whatsapp 2) Weekly check in Monday by 9am Website 3) Weekly food diaries Sunday by 8pm Whatsapp The group is there as a support tool. By including food pics helps us to critique you and support you should food need tweaking. By adding in watch readings/sweaty selfies this will help with accountability, but neither of these are vital if you are struggling with time. It is also a place where people can vent if they’re struggling or share achievements which will help motivate everyone. Some people will have more time for this than others, do not worry if you cannot ‘keep up’. Just check in the group on the days/times you need to for the 3 tasks and if you get 5 minutes have a quick scan. REMEMBER to mute the group. This will stop it going off every few minutes, you can do this in the chat settings, hit mute > always.
  • Do I weigh pasta cooked or raw?
    Always follow the instructions on the packet, it will tell you about the nutritional value for either cooked or raw. The calories will not change for 100g of raw pasta once it is cooked, however, if you’re looking at the nutritional value for cooked pasta and weigh that amount raw and then cook that, you will intake significantly more calories.
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