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Can we trust guys to take the contraception?

Human trials are being planned for a new non-hormonal contraception after successful trials with mice.

My initial thoughts on this were … about bloody time. As someone who suffers with hormonal imbalance with low thyroid, taking contraception has always just caused me more issues.

Hormonal contraction has a number of side effects including:

· Weight gain.

· Headaches.

· Sore breasts.

· Irregular periods.

· Mood changes.

· Decreased sexual desire.

· Acne.

· Nausea.

Doesn’t sound fun!

And as a woman who has been on various forms of contraception during my life time it does feel a little unfair that we have to take on the burden.

When speaking about it with other women, their response was they weren't sure they could trust their male partner to remember to take it. Then my thought process changed a little…

After a year of CBT therapy I am very good at ‘putting myself in other peoples shoes’ and as an auto response now to any situation I do exactly that.

This led me to thinking about the guys… they have had to trust us for so many years to do something that ladies are now saying they are not sure if they could trust their man to do. And history has shown that a number of guys have felt like they have been ‘tricked’ into a pregnancy.

So rather that thinking now … it is about time because it is so unfair for women, my view now is that … it is about time that everyone can have their own control! I mean both parties could take it if they really wanted to and this could hopefully help with many unplanned pregnancies.

Having a child is a big commitment and should be something that is consented by both parties, the male contraceptive I think may just bring some equality to men.

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