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As well as PT and fit mum I am a certified life coach - I try to have a positive outlook on all situations to promote a healthy mental balance. I am now working on some short podcast topics to hopefully help others. I have myself experienced, domestic abuse (physical, mental, financial and sexual), health scares, PND, miscarriages/ectopic pregnancy and rape. I have also been let down by very close people and those in power so although I might not know what everyone is or has gone through, I feel having come out of the other side of some quite traumatic experiences, plus 12 months of cognitive behavioural therapy, I have hopefully some helpful tips to offer. In 2020 I became a certified life and resilience coach. I believe fitness and diet is hugely impacted and influenced by our emotions - I always say, you have to work on the mind before you can work on the body. So let’s work on the mind for a minute, then we’ll get back to diet and fitness.

All of my podcasts are free to listen on anchor or if you‘re on Spotify you can find me there too

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