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What if I told you I could change everything in just 6 weeks?



Do you lack time to exercise?

Are your energy levels low?

Not sure what to eat?

Struggling with body confidence?

Confused and overwhelmed by what to do?

Sick of yo-yoing and restrictve diets?

With Diet Coaching we go back to basics and build strong foundations to help you to create a lifestyle for success.

Join our 6 week education and habit implementation plan

Diet - Fitness - Mindset

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to take control?

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 What does Diet Coaching include? 


 Nutrition made Easy! 

  • No meal plans - We don't restrict you with food, we teach you how you can enjoy all foods and still smash your goals! Whether that is at home or eating out.

  • Inspirational Recipes - access to our growing recipe guide for inspiration. Family friendly meals including Lasagne, Curry, even Burger & Chips! 

  • An Eat Out guide! We will teach you how to choose, but if you're not sure there is a full guide to access

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 Tailored Activity / Fitness Plan 

  • Home or Gym plans available - Exercise the way you enjoy!

  • Home workouts - follow along classes available

  • Gym - Pocket PT App with form support & exercise demos

  • Medical issues? Lets chat! In most cases as long as you have been signed off by a GP we can adapt the plan for you!

  • All abilities - New to exercise or returning after baby? Great, I can help you to get started!

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 Support & Accountability 

  • Daily Support - Coaching groups with a support coach to help you implement new healthy habits

  • Weekly Check-ins - Complete a check in with thisfitmum each week to help you stay on track

  • Community - An empowering group of women where people have made friends for life! Supporting each other with everything, not just diet and fitness.

  • Support for life! As little or as much support as you need, no contract & cancel at anytime. 

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  • Coaching Manual - Our bible! All the stuff you need to know ... simplified! Including; 

- Weight Loss Explained

- Female health / Menstrual Cycles

- Meal Planning

- Nutrition Simplified

- What's most important

- And so much more!


"You need to work on the mind before you can work on the body"    - thisfitmum

Are you ready to join THISFITCREW? 


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