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Fit Mum Coaching

Fit Mum Coaching - regain control through education & habit implementation.


Are you looking to start a plan that won’t only give you results for 6 weeks … but will enable you to implement healthy habits which will ensure you get results and keep them?


Fit Mum coaching is our nutritional, fitness and lifestyle plan that provides you with realistic targets along side daily lifestyle goals. We work in a coaching group with a designated support coach and me! We will give you daily support and guidance and well as accountability. 


I am passionate about providing you with all the tools you need to be healthy and fit not just for 6 weeks but for life! Thats why once you complete Fit Mum Coaching you have access to ongoing VIP plans which are tailored to your ongoing needs and budget. 


Take the first step towards a healthier and happier you – Secure Your Spot Now!

Diet - Fitness - Mindset

Are you ready to put you first?

 What does Fit Mum Coaching include? 

 Nutrition made Easy! 

  • Nutritional Guidance - We don't restrict you with food, we teach you how you can enjoy all foods & still smash your goals! 

  • Personalised Goals - Calorie & macro targets that match your lifestyle & goals

  • Recipes & Meal Plan Inspiration - Access to our growing recipe library.

  • An Eat Out guide - No more worrying about staying on track when eating out!

  • Daily Accountability - We help you stay on track.

 Tailored Activity / Fitness Plan 

  • Home or Gym plans available - Exercise the way you enjoy!

  • Home workouts - follow along classes available

  • Gym - Pocket PT App with form support & exercise demos

  • Medical issues? Lets chat! In most cases as long as you have been signed off by a GP we can adapt the plan for you!

  • All abilities - New to exercise or returning after baby? Great, I can help you to get started!

 Support & Accountability 

  • Daily Support - Coaching groups with a support coach to help you implement new healthy habits

  • Weekly Check-ins - Complete a check in with Thisfitmum each week to help you stay on track

  • Community - An empowering group of women where people have made friends for life! Supporting each other with everything, not just diet and fitness.

  • Support for life! As little or as much support as you need, tailored to your ongoing needs & budget. No contract & cancel at anytime. 


  • Coaching Manual - Our bible! All the stuff you need to know ... simplified! 

- Weight Loss Explained

- Female health / Menstrual Cycles

- PCOS Guide

- Hypothyroidism Guide

- Meal Planning

- Nutrition Simplified

- Educational Videos 

- And so much more!

"You need to work on the mind before you can work on the body"    - thisfitmum




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