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Facts V Fads & VIP 🏆

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

You decide. FAD diets, keeping you from the truth for temporary results and no control. FACTS - understand how & why not just what, based on science & math ... FACT! Learn the basics of nutrition & the fundamentals of fitness to support a healthy lifestyle. A very well known group chargeS £5.95 a week - for stepping on the scales. THISFITCREW VIPS - is an ongoing accountability option following your coaching programme for £20 a month ... or £4.62 a week.

This includes:

🌸 Weekly Check-Ins & Goal setting

🌸 Home Workouts Live - Recorded & Downloadable plans

🌸 Downloadable Gym Plan

🌸 Group Support

🌸 Challenge Entries Included FREE + win prizes

🌸 Weekly challenges

🌸 Coaching Support (when needed)

🌸 Access to all Recipes

🌸 Refer a friend scheme

🌸 Community

🌸 Events

🌸 Refer a friend scheme

One day we will stamp out the FADS - till then support your coaches trying to feed you FACTS!

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