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Why your goal shouldn't be a number

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

How many times do you hear it?

"I want to lose 10lbs"

"I want to get to 10 stone"

Relying on a number to achieve happiness is a sure way of failing before you even begin.

Yes weighing yourself I a useful tool, however, it does not give you a clear indication as to what is going on.

Weight consists of everything, from bone to muscle, food in your system and water weight too.

TEST: Weigh yourself now, drink 1ltr of water and weigh yourself again. The scales will increase, yet you have consumed 0 calories.

Did you know?: Your weight can fluctuate by up to 10lbs in one day

If you are looking to 'tone up' the process of this is gaining muscle whilst losing fat - muscle is denser than fat, so if you start gaining muscle it is possible you could put on weight even though you have lost fat.

Using a tape measure can be useful depending on how much you have to lose. But again, this shouldn't determine your happiness.

The best way to measure progress is pictures, fitting of clothing - and most effective and more important - HOW YOU FEEL.

The goal should be, "I love the skin I am in". No matter what number my body represents. Because ultimately do you care what someone weighs if they're happy, look healthy and confident.

It may be time to learn to embrace some of your flaws, imperfections are beautiful. How boring would the world be if we all looked the same.

One Last Thing - EXPECTATIONS. Remember - Women are designed to hold fat, so yes it is factually harder for women to lose fat than men. Many of us hold stubborn fat around the middle, this is very normal... as is loose skin. Transformations don't happen over night, you need to keep showing up everyday, forever. 7 years in and I am still working on me, this is not a goal with an end, its a way of life.

The sexiest thing you can wear is confidence.

Eat healthy


Embrace your flaws and imperfections

Be kind to yourself

Be consistent

Set your expectations

Dont quit

Keep working on you ... for you.

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1 Comment

Brooke Meredith
Brooke Meredith
May 25, 2021

Love these beautfiul facts 😍❤️

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