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Achieve more each week 💕

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Ever get to check in day and think … where the hell did this week go? Don’t worry you’re not the only one. All you need is a little planning and we can make a huge difference … so lets do this together step by step:

  1. Plan your non-negotiable - might sound obvious but by starting with these, you can assign time in your diary to allow for other things… and it means you don’t have to worry that you have forgotten something important. i.e. work, kids clubs, pack lunches, baby bottle sterilising, shopping, appointment to the dentist

  2. Plan your most important - the things that will give you a sigh of relief the following week knowing you have completed them. i.e. kids homework, coursework, 10k steps a day, logged all of your food

  3. Plan down time and sleep, because this stuff is essential. If you don’t get enough down time you won’t have the energy for anything else

  4. Plan everything else. Now it is time to think about other jobs, like the garden, or the wall that needs painting and some workouts… be realistic.

Planning 2 workouts a week and achieving them is better than planning 5 and only hitting 2. If you manage to tackle 1, 2 and 3 … you’re nearly there and will have a sense of accomplishment even on the weeks where life just doesn’t allow for step number 4.

Plan using a calendar as opposed to a to-do list, you can even break things down by the hour, this will help you assign time to each task and keep you focused on the task in hand. Ultimately, if you plan your week like this, it will allow for more time for step 4 and less excuses.

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