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An Interview with a VIP - Vicki

... & her journey with THISFITCREW and her Gastric Sleeve

If you haven't already seen our first Interview with a VIP - you can watch it on the THISFITCREW IGTV or on YouTube -

Vicki has been with THISFITCREW for 14 weeks now, and has achieved amazing results. But does Vicki need a Diet Coaching Programme if she's had a gastric sleeve?

Vicki is a beautiful soul inside and out and was brave enough to come on and share her story - she wants to tell people about her own personal journey and experiences.

We talk about everything from what she can eat, negativity surrounding her surgery, the results so far and what she has learnt since joining THISFITCREW.

I am very proud of you Vicki and think you are amazing to have shared your story with us.

I would love to do more interview's so if there is anything you would particularly like to share or raise awareness for, perhaps PCOS, thyroid, domestic abuse, health scares, mental health or even just sharing your journey to loving the skin you're in do message me.

What a fabulous crew we have, please continue to support each other whole heartedly

Vicki's progress since joining THISFITCREW

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