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Exercise & Menstrual Cycles

This is something that I have been hot on from day 1, as I am one of those females who has erratic and irregular cycles, Meaning, it is very hard to track and understand my symptoms.

But, through education, tracking and understanding my own body I have learnt to understand it better and I am now passing on that knowledge to my clients.

Research is lacking, but I am seeing more and more coaches talk about exercise and menstrual cycles... WHICH IS GREAT!

But what does it all mean?

I have compiled a small document with factual references to give you a short overview of exercise and menstrual cycles along with a summary on 'generic' advice.

Ladies, if there is one thing you need to understand, it's your own body.

5 Minute read at most - educate & invest in yourself:

Read my findings here:

Menstrual Cycle
Download PDF • 218KB

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