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Irregular Periods

Do you have irregular periods? Advice on tracking …

Firstly, see it you can identify the cause. It is possibly Hormone Imbalance which could be caused by a medical issue like PCOS, Thyroid or Pre/Menopause for example. Medication can help you to regulate.

There could however be a much more obvious reason, lack of sleep and stress can too cause Hormone Imbalance.

I have low-thyroid and have had some of my reproductive system removed due to pre cancerous cells and an ectopic pregnancy which has resulted in hormone imbalance and irregular periods.

Personally I have chosen to come off of any hormone producing contraceptive, with my body being irregular already I don’t want to confuse it further.

How do I monitor my periods?

The easiest way for me to track my periods is the thing we forget to do the most - listening to my body. You’re probably very familiar with PMS symptoms:

  • I feel bloated

  • Tired/No Energy

  • Can train as well/as hard

  • Increased hunger

  • Feeling down/mood swings

  • Headaches

Don’t fight against it, you won’t win 😂 up your calories a bit, have a bit of chocolate #dontbeadick & reduce your exercise frequency or weight … focus on achieving a PB another day

Listening & understanding your body will help you to prevent self sabotage #beingadick

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