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new year plans

January comes with a new sense of motivation, maybe even some New Year resolutions. This is a fantastic opportunity to seize the moment and achieve your goals. BUT... why do New Year resolutions only happen in the New Year? How come so many people 'drop out' or fail their goals?

What I want to help you with is not just achieving your goals in Janurary, not even in 2024. I want to help you to achieve your goals and maintain them ... for life. Thats why with Diet Coaching, we help you to not only implement healthy habits, but learn how and why so you have all the tools to not only smash your goals, but maintain them!

With Diet Coaching you have a range of fitness plans available, PLUS a brand-new plan for January 2024!

My new SUPER reSET plan is about helping busy mums maximise their time in their workouts by pairing exercises, making your workouts quicker and easier to achieve so you can make sure it is sustainable! The plan is suitable for all levels as you work to your pace and can be done in the gym or at home with dumbbells and resistance bands.

All plans will be available on our Pocket PT app where you can track your progress, see demonstrations of each exercise, access your nutritional goals and contact me directly. You will also get the support of a group who will have the same mindset and motivations of you, empowering you to achieve your goals alongside our amazing support coach Amanda.

You will also get access to an indepth coaching manual that gives you all the knowledge so you learn not just what but why. Educational videos, templates and tools plus a whole library of recipes and our home workout archive.

What you get:

✅ Fitness plan home or gym

✅ Nutritional goals

✅ Lifestyle goals

✅ Coaching & Education Manuals

✅ Educational Videos

✅ Pocket PT app

✅ Exercise demonstrations

✅ Progress tracking

✅ Access to message me direct

✅ Whatsapp group support

✅ Dedicated support coach

✅ Daily accountability

✅ Weekly check ins

✅ Tools & Templates

✅ Library of recipes

✅ Home Workout archive

✅ Hypothyroidism Guide

✅ Endometrosis Guide

✅ PCOS Guide (Coming soon)


✅ The opportunity to join our amazing & supportive group of 🏆 VIP members after with varying memberships dependant on your needs and budget. Because this is not a diet, this is a lifestyle and we are here for you every step of the way!

Sustainable diet + sustainable fitness + good lifestyle habits + good community = results that last!


Spaces are limited to 10 and this will be booked quickly.

Sign up & full registration must be completed by 05.01.24

January Coaching starts 15.01.24

Any registrations not completed will be moved to the next coaching group

love the skin you're in x

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