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Postnatal Depression & Diet/Fitness

For world mental health day I wanted to talk about PND (Postnatal Depression) & PMH (Perinatal mental health)

This is something I experienced with my 2nd, Paddy. At the time I was to ashamed and felt guilty to talk about it but looking back at it am glad … sounds like a weird thing to say right but for me it was the start to me changing my life to make it what it is now, happy, positive, loving and calm.

In fact I tried to admit it but was humiliated and degraded for it, so I closed down … and well, got angry. With that it fuelled me to remove toxicity from my life and learnt to surround myself only with positivity.

You may think me saying fitness and diet helped is ‘cliche’ but for me… it was everything.

Diet & fitness isn’t just about body image, your brain requires fitness, it requires adequate micronutrients. Without it… it will suffer. It also gave me focus and clarity, something that was for me… even if I did it with the kids.

Luckily I previously had 12 months of CBT through dealing with an abusive relationship so I was able to utilise some of these techniques, and I would highly recommend CBT to anyone who struggles with their mental health. I’ve always said it was like learning about my own brain and I still use CBT methods regularly.

Point is … don’t just think of diet and fitness for fat loss or muscle gain. Don’t exercise to punish yourself, exercise because you want to love yourself. Self care is an important part of life ❤️

Mumma - look after yourself as it will benefit your whole family. I am not a counsellor, but I am a nice person who has been through it… so, the most I can offer is my inbox, and a community of the most amazing women who support each other to find happiness ❤️

Know there is always help out there, you don’t need to suffer alone x

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