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Should mums be asexual?

I posted the question yesterday on my instagram ... 'Where does the idea that equates motherhood with asexuality stem from?'

Maybe it is more comfortable for people if mums stay in a safe maternal box within their head? Doing housework and looking after the kids, enjoying bakery or sewing in her spare time?

Now don't get me wrong - I love nothing more than an over sized hoodie, playing with the kids, baking and even sewing. But I also love to feel sexy... but the latter seems to be a taboo.

Expectations of women is ridiculous ... don't let yourself go but don't be too sexy?

Mums lets reclaim our sexuality! I am so proud to empower so many mums to say YES to feeling SEXY AF!

After the success of the first photoshoot ... we've returned for another this weekend! And by the sounds of it I think we will be doing 1-2 a year now as everyone is hooked!

For me watching my girls go from shy and insecure to bad ass sexy foxes is what I am proud of most. Empowering mums to see themselves differently, to give mum the confidence to give themselves time and consideration!

Kids come first ... but mums need to prioritise themselves too! You can't give from an empty cup. No one benefits if a mum feels like poop!

Some ladies are doing this to give their partners a reminder of how badass they are, but for more we are doing it for ourselves! To not be mum for a second. To be a woman, who wants to be and feel sexy.

With this comes self love and self respect. Eating better for health, moving more for health, achieving more things, becoming more confident to try new things. Physical results are apparent from my progress gallery ... but its the mental development that does it for me!

So here's to all my sexy mummas! Keep an eye out on our social media pages for some insane photos of the crew by the one and only amazing Liza Salt!

If you too want to feel SEXY AF ... drop me a message or check out Diet Coaching & sign up for Septembers coaching plan - link below for more info x

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