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the smith machine: Unlocking fitness gains

If some one was to ask me what my favourite piece of gym equipment was it would without a doubt be The Smith Machine:

A girl using the smith machine for a squat

Let me explain why. Here are 12 reasons I love the Smith Machine:

  1. Guided Path for Proper Form: The Smith Machine provides a fixed vertical path for your lifts. This helps you maintain proper form throughout the movement, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring effective muscle engagement.

  2. Enhanced Muscle Activation: The vertical movement path of the Smith Machine maximises muscle engagement. This means you can target specific muscle groups more effectively, leading to better gains and more efficient workouts.

  3. Injury Prevention: With the guided movement, the Smith Machine minimises the chances of using incorrect form, which is a common cause of injuries. It acts like a safety net, allowing you to lift heavy weights with reduced risk.

  4. Safety and Security: The Smith Machine comes equipped with safety hooks or latches that can be adjusted to catch the barbell in case you can't complete a lift. This eliminates the need for a spotter, making solo workouts safer.

  5. Variety of Exercises: While it's often associated with squats, the Smith Machine is versatile and can be used for various exercises such as bench presses, overhead presses, lunges, and more. This diversity adds excitement to your routine.

  6. Plateau Buster: If your progress has hit a plateau, the Smith Machine can offer a fresh challenge. Its controlled movement can surprise your muscles and stimulate growth, breaking through the stagnation.

  7. Range of Motion Control: The vertical linearity of the Smith Machine allows you to precisely control your range of motion. This can be particularly helpful for rehabilitation or when targeting specific muscle groups.

  8. Solo Workouts: No need to wait for a gym buddy to hit the gym. With the Smith Machine, you can perform heavy lifts on your own without compromising safety.

  9. Tracking Progress: The guided movement of the Smith Machine lets you easily track your progress. You can ensure that you're consistently hitting the same points in your lifts, helping you monitor improvements over time.

  10. Confidence Building: For beginners, the Smith Machine can be a confidence booster. It provides a sense of stability, allowing newcomers to focus on form and movement without feeling overwhelmed.

  11. Time Efficiency: Using the Smith Machine can save time as you don't need to spend extra moments setting up complex lifts. You can quickly adjust weights and get going.

  12. Reduced Learning Curve: Compared to free weights, the Smith Machine has a shorter learning curve. This makes it more accessible for beginners who might feel intimidated by more complex equipment.

So, whether you're a fitness newbie eager to master the art of form or a seasoned lifter craving some killer gains, the Smith Machine is your ride to glory. 🚀


Need a workout to try? Try mine:

1️⃣ Tempo Squats 3 × 8-10

2️⃣ Step Ups (Dead Stop) 3 x 10-12

3️⃣ Hip Thrust 4 × 10-12 4️⃣ RDL 3 x 12-15

Watch the exercises HERE


Let me know how you got on in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️


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