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Sunday = Prep Day - Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Sunday is the opportunity for you to prep for the week ahead, here are some ways to prepare for success:

  • If you scheduled it, it exists: Block out time to fit in your steps and/or workouts, plan activities including the family, make time for self-care. Mum life is busy so if you're struggling to fit everything in, check out this blog on achieving more each week

  • Create a food diary: You may not always stick to it 100%, but by having a diary, like with your schedule... it exists. You can also use it to make sure you shop according to what you will actually eat and save money and food wastage.

  • Meal prep: as above, mum life is busy. So why not when you cook, increase the volume of food you make and portion it out to creat meal preps. This is another money saver... not only on food costs but also on washing up & electricity, you will also save so much time. Top Tip: Save space in the freezer and dont use tuppawear, instead use sandwich bags for 'wet' meals like chilli or curry and tin foil for drier meals like cottage pie & lasange (wrap it like a parcel) Having food available in the fridge or freezer ready to grab will ensure you are less likely to go off track

  • Track your period: Understanding your menstrual cycle and knowing where you are for the week ahead will help you to prepare for any 'symptoms' and adjust your fitness accordingly. i.e. look out for PMS week when you are going to feel hungrier

  • CHECK IN: habits create discipline, discipline creates consistency. You can't make motivation, you need to implement the habits which includes your weekly check in. Stay accountable to yourself and be kind to yourself if the results aren't what you want or expect. This is a marathon, not a race. Some days will be great, others wont be...thats NORMAL and very much ok! Don't let the scales define you and remember non-scale victories! WEIGHT does not = FAT

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