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The secret to being consistent...

Do you know why consistency is important?

Having a yo-yo approach of ‘being good’ or ‘getting back into it’ are often followed by longer periods of ‘being bag’ or ‘falling off the wagon’ where healthy living takes a back seat.

The initial burst of enthusiasm and excitement we experience when we start a new plan can fade, perhaps after disappointing results or a dip in motivation. Having the approach that’s is based around a change in habits and behaviours provides a long-term solution for lasting results.

So the key - is to make a healthy living lifestyle a habit.

So what is habit in life?

Brushing our teeth

  • Getting dressed in the morning

  • Taking a shower

  • Making a cup or tea or coffee first thing maybe

  • Attending a class at the same time each week

… these things are autopilot right?

So how can we make sure we stick to our habits?

1) Being Aware

- Recognising your own habits

- Noting triggers that stop you from completing your goals

- Keeping a mood diary and noticing any changes in your habits

2) Remember why you are doing this

- To feel better about your body

- To improve your health

- To set an example to your children

- To get stronger

… What is your why?

3) Being accountable

By logging and recording you are staying in control, logging food, tracking steps, doing daily stats and weekly check ins. Sharing your achievements to @thisfitcrew Instagram for us to share. All of these are ways to help you to stay accountable and give you that same feeling of reward to help to motivate you to keep going.

4) Realistic Goals

Are you setting your standards too high? Taking smaller steps and achieving your goals will make you feel more motivated to keep going. Say you set 1 or 2 workouts per week, is that achievable? Or are you setting yourself 5 workouts and constantly falling short? This will only promote negativity and demotivation. The positivity of completing a set goal is a reward for your hard work and will install motivation.

5) Forgiving yourself

When we fail to complete a task we tend to be hard or unkind to ourselves. This often leads to negativity which can lead us to continue in a circle of self destruction. Perfection is unrealistic and allowing ourselves forgiveness or acceptance of our actions can help us to get back into a positive mindset.

In order to work on the body, you have to work on the mind. It is a powerful object!

A healthy lifestyle is even more imp

ortant if you are feeling low or stressed, if we don’t fuel our body correctly it is likely we won’t get all the nutrients it needs in order to function properly. Micronutrients, vitamins and minerals fuel our body to not just survive, but thrive. Exercise releases hormones that helps to manage stress, even reduce and improve your mindset.

So what habits can we install that would overtime become autopilot? Perhaps

  • Setting your alarm an hour earlier to fit in some steps

  • Going to bed an hour earlier to fit in your sleep

  • Making time once a week to organise your food

  • CHECKING IN with your coach every week to stay accountable??

Remember - not every week is perfect, that’s ok, that’s normal, that’s life. Shit happens! Own it! Don’t be ashamed of not being perfect, no one is….it doesn’t exist! Failure is the pathway to success, it is good to get things wrong, that’s how we learn to get things right.

So … what is your why? What are your goals this week? How will you stay accountable this week?

Love the skin you’re in and look after you!

Further reading - take a look at this hypothesis and theory article on mindfulness & eating behaviour

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