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Thisfitmum is back...

And I want to say ...

THISFITMUM is an account that was built to document my own pre and postnatal journey. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid and also suffered from postnatal depression and my account gave me accountability and purpose.

I then after a difficult time had to leave my family home and ended up in temporary accommodation. This was all a very difficult time for me and again, exercise helped me cope and my account was part of that.

Eventually I managed to get myself a little flat which I was very soon confined to during lock down. With no outside space and trying to work and home school two children it was too much and I was on the verge of having a mental breakdown.

My work furloughed me and with no purpose I started to study and completed a CIPD HR qualification, PT course, nutrition course and life coaching. I needed my brain to be busy and studying alongside exercise kept me focused.

I also held some charity events and got Batman to do house visits to kids in the local area. We then did a home workout with me and batman and from there THISFITMUM home workouts was born.

The page got attention from the local news, then the national papers and I featured on a number of radio stations. When we were allowed outside I did some free bootcamps too. Helping others was something else that gave me a purpose and made me feel good.

Interest grew and I found myself supporting people with nutrition realising so many people were at the stage I was at right at the beginning. Where I was confused, misled by the diet culture, marketing, fads, myths and I wanted to give people the truth. So I launched diet coaching, a programme I created with no templates, no white labels, not even a website. Just some word document application forms a health questionnaires.

Over the past 3 years I have helped hundreds of women to see the truth. Empowered them with factual information to allow them to make educated choices primarily focused on health and body positivity. I’ve helped people see through the smoke screen of the diet industry that wants you to feel insecure, that wants you to fail so you have to keep paying them more money.

Losing THISFITMUM wasn’t just about how many followers I had or likes on posts. It was a place I built myself back up from, which was one of the lowest places I had been in my life. In stead of breaking I chose to fight for my health, physically and mentally and without quite knowing what I was doing or where I was going with it, my intention was pure and not only have I empowered hundreds if not thousands of women, I empowered myself.

This very long message from me is to qualify my thanks to every single person who messaged me, supported me, shared my posts, contacted Facebook and Instagram on my behalf, tried to find other people for me who had been through the same for answers and those who stuck by me and continued to help me grow my other account to keep THISFITMUM going.

The whole system is flawed, social media is generally a lie, most corporations are corrupt and honesty seems hard to come by. But every now and again you will find some pages out there that want to be genuine, want to help, want to reveal what is the truth even if that’s wrapping it in some dancing trending reel as that’s what seems to get more reach.

I won’t lie having my account back has sort of stunned me a little, and I have had not really know what to post because first and foremost I just wanted to say

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

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