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struggling to workout with kids?

Mum and Daughter fitness exercise parent workout

I was asked in a recent Q&A about finding time to exercise with kids. This lady struggled to exercise as the kids were 'losing their shit' and didn't want to join in... Check out the instagram post

My answer:

Discipline is a great thing to have and a great thing to teach. By sticking to your guns and getting it done despite ww3 in between sets you will eventually teach them that mummy will not give up on her workout no matter how much they disturb you and will eventually give in and let you do it or actually think ‘you know what, I’m not getting her attention by being difficult so maybe I will get her attention by joining in with her instead’ thus creating a new workout partner which is honestly just the best!

Also, kids don’t ‘loose their shit’ for no reason. Dependant on age, try and workout why they’re loosing their shit. I mean babies… we work around them there’s no doubt about that 🤣 that’s where enforcing your time with your partner and asking for help from friends and family comes into play - doing what you can when you can. But when they get a bit older and have an understanding it’s time to consider why:

🤔 Could they be hungry? 

🤔 Could they be wired? 

🤔 Could they be tired? 

Also it’s 100% worth doing something energetic with them prior to your workout to wear them out 🤣

In all honesty I’ve only ever had to enforce discipline a handful of times, by this I mean giving them time outs or warnings like I would do at any other time if they were playing up. I think if you make it fun, kids generally want to join in.

What I repeat in my online workouts is ‘if you need to stop to see to children, stop, and come back’ - I’ve had to take my boy for a poo 💩 mid live workout (anyone remember that one? haha), and also put him on the naughty step - my daughter always played ball but sometimes my son tried to disrupt me rather than join in or occupy himself until I was done. 

My children get 95% of my time, the other 5% is my self care and setting an example for my kids. 

Children need direction and discipline. Children crave discipline, it’s part of learning right from wrong and giving them direction for when they grow to know that exercise is part of a normal life style ❤️ 

💭 Kids throwing tantrums is hard

💭 You not being happy or healthy in your body is hard …

👉🏽 Choose your hard. It’s easy to give in - discipline yourself to choose the hard option to ensure you can be happy and healthy for your kids for as long as possible.

I asked for additional tips from mummies who train with children on how they manage it and there is a number of comments added to the post so well worth checking out. View the instagram post and if you are a mummy successfully working out with children, inspire other mummies by adding a comment with your top tips!

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