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going 'out out' on a calorie deficit

You don’t need to self-sabotage to have a great night out. Going ‘out out’ doesn’t have to mean stepping away from your goals! 💪🍽️✨🍷


Whether it’s date night or a girls 💃🏼💃🏼 night out, I’ve got your back with 10 savvy tips to help you enjoy the night while staying on track with your calorie deficit:


  1. Check out the menu before you go. Most chains have calories on their menus now, you can suss out what fits your goals without having to stress over it at the table

  2. Don’t go out hungry - Eat low calorie high volume foods through the day to prevent you overeating at dinner & skip the bread basket!

  3. Lots of restaurants add oils and butter to their veggie dishes so ask for them without to save on cals!

  4. Give yourself a drinks goal and pre record it in MyFitnessPal, I’m sure you will be merrier than you think after 5 🤣

  5. Opt for low calorie drinks and try to drink water in between. This will help you save on cals and prevent dehydration.

  6. Plan the next day … after a night out it’s easy to be a sloth the next day if you’re feeling a little rough and even reach for the takeaway menu, pre make your meals and try to go for a walk when you wake up to shake it off

  7. Go dancing 💃🏼 the best excuse and reason to burn some calories

  8. Pre book a cab whilst you’re soba … to avoid that extra drink you really didn’t want or need

  9. Offer to be the driver - you literally have a reason to avoid alcohol and save calories too!

  10. Share your food - fancy a few chips, share a side with someone so you don’t end up eating them all or better still let someone else order them and nick a few off their plate … they’re even more satisfying that way 😝


Making healthier choices doesn’t have to mean having less fun … even if you picked up one tip from this you will be helping yourself towards your goals.


Want more tips on how to loose weight whilst still having a flexible lifestyle - come join fit mum coaching and I will show you how its done!



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