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What are Ultra-Processed foods?

Updated: May 6

And how come they're making us fat?

First lets look at what 'processed foods' are:

Processed foods refer to any food that's changed from its natural state. This can include food that was simply cut, washed, heated. That doesn't mean they're bad for you.

BUT then there is ULTRA-PROCESSED foods sometimes known as UPTs. UPTs are made mostly from substances extracted from foods, such as fats, starches, added sugars, and hydrogenated fats... these are not to great for you.

It's estimated that over 56% of the total calories that the average UK person consumes is from processed foods and that this was higher in children and adolescents.


Diets high in ultra-processed foods have been linked with increased risk of heart disease, weight gain, cancer, and even mortality.

Recent studies from the Clinical Nutrition Journal concludes that Ultra-Processed Foods tend to have a higher energy density and can trigger a higher eating rate resulting in weight gain. Whilst an energy balance is key to weight management, the quality of the food can impact your eating habits, cravings and nutrient consumption for overall health.


Reducing your intake of ultra-processed foods in any way is a great start. In an ideal world we would consume 0% ultra-processed, but ... I for one am not giving up Chocolate or Ice Cream. So they key .... is balance.

Work towards the 80/20 rule of 80% whole foods and allow room for 20% of ultra-processed foods to help make your diet sustainable long term.

And if you need support with nutrition ... come and join us.

Yes I can help you with fat loss, but we do it the RIGHT WAY. No FADs, no short term quick fixes! This is about finding a way to implement new habits for life.

I have never heard anyone tell me they enjoy brushing their teeth... but we still do it right? We do it without even talking about it. Why? because we know it is good for us. It will stop our teeth from decaying and prevent tooth pain an root canal and at the same time... will leave them sparkling white so they look pretty.

Our programme doesn't just give you goals and off you go. We support you every step of the way until the point that it becomes like brushing your teeth... part of life.

You have the choice and power to do something.

I am here waiting...

June Diet Coaching

Starts Monday 12th June - must sign up and complete full registration by 9th.

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