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Why you never need to do a juice diet

Did you know that your body is actually quite clever and has various mechanisms for getting rid of unnecessary materials from our systems. It does not require the help of a ‘juice detox’.

⚠️ In fact, a juice detox can actually cause more harm than good!

Here’s a few reasons why:

🍏 Unsustainable

🍎 Health risks

🍐 Creates a poor relationship with food

🍊 Lack of nutrition

🍋 High Sugar

🍌 Lack of fibre

What your body actually needs is for you to eat the right way, with adequate calories & sufficient hydration.


Juices may limit your calorie intake, but that doesn’t make them healthy. Sure you may see a ‘quick’ loss on the scales … but the chances are, you will soon gain it back as the diet isn’t sustainable for a long time.

Skip the juicing … just have an apple 🍎

Yours, thisfitmum x

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