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10 Shocking & Unbelievable facts about women

Here are 10 Shocking & Unbelievable facts about women:

1) Women are biologically sensitive to high pitched noises so that they can hear their offspring even when they are asleep.... That is why it is always our job

2) Women speak 13,000 more words than men on a daily basis.... thats us repeating ourselves

3) Women earn US $18 trillion and spend US $28 trillion worldwide. (oops haha)

4) Women get drunk faster than men because the female body has less water in its tissue. This is the same reason why women sweat less than men. Ahh! Finally an explanation.

5) Women spend over 4 years of their life menstruating.... meh

6) Only 2% of women in a recent study would describe themselves as beautiful

7) License to kill - Did you know that in Hong Kong, law states that a female can kill her adulterous husband as long as she does so with her bare hands! Wowza

8) The US is one of only eight countries in the world that does not provide any form of paid maternity leave by federal law. One benefit of being British I suppose.

9) There are still tons of gender discrimination is encoded into law in countries across the globe, including rights to inheritance, access to equal pay, working at all and travelling alone.

10) 67% of workforces don't offer any support for menopause symptoms.


Did you know that 1 in 4 women do not understand their menstrual cycle?

Did you know 2/3 of women are on 'a diet' most of the time yet over 33% didn't know how many calories they were consuming.

Knowledge is power. That is why I made Diet Coaching, it's an educational programme.

I could give you a fish and feed you for a day... or I could teach you to fish and feed you for life... and that is what we do.

Personalised & flexible plans to fit your ability, goals and lifestyle

Eat the foods you love

We help you to create a positive relationship with food & activity

We support you to create new habits that are easy to maintain

Changes you can continue ... for life

6 Week Programme with the option to stay on with continued support

Love the skin you're in

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