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At what point do you prioritise you?

Being a mum full stop is hard, throw in a job, housework, meals, paying bills, additional children, kids clubs, the other half, pets … I mean you can continue until the cows come home At what point in your daily schedule of the impossible task of fitting everything in, do you schedule time for you? At what point is your self care a priority? Fitness isn’t just for the body, nor is healthy eating. It’s an essential part of self care to ensure your brain works properly too and helps you to ‘feel good’! Otherwise what’s the result of low activity and poor eating habits. Obviously the most important thing … chronic illness. Not looking after yourself in the long run can have quite a serious impact. In addition, you may experience low moods or mood swings, even depression and anxiety. So you see, no one benefits from a burnt out mum who doesn’t take time to make sure she is feeling good too! Nothing truer the saying that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Including exercise and increasing your activity may help you to shed a few pounds. But more importantly it’s likely to make you feel better from the inside! Same goes for healthy eating. Sure fried food tastes great, but having a healthy balance will help you to feel great! You don’t have to exclude the kids, let them join in, let them help you. Whether that’s cooking or doing squats, let them see what healthy living looks like… so they can replicate the same when they get older. Monkey see monkey do.

Learn how we balance life, kids, food and fitness with Diet Coaching.

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