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Benefits of bulk cooking …

Bulk cooking / Meal prepping may sound like a ball ache but actually, by giving yourself a couple of hours to smash out so prep meals you’ll save time and money - here’s 6 benefits or bulk cooking:


🍅 Minimal food wastage

🌶 Convenience

🥩 Healthier

🥑 Less stress

🥕 More free time

🫑Not only do you save money buying in bulk - you save money by only using the hob/oven once as opposed to 10 times. You only wash up once instead of 10 times … saving water and gas/electricity. And you save time meaning you have more free time to do other things.

🍎You are less likely to waste food too as everything is portioned and by planning what you’re making you only buy the ingredients you need.

🌶In a world where we’re all rushing around at a million miles an hour - setting aside a couple of hours at the weekend means you can prepare for the week or even month ahead meaning you can conveniently grab a meal whenever you need it. And if tracking calories/macros - you can record one meal and then just click the meal item rather than entering all the ingredients everytime.

🥩 By eating pre prepared meals made by you… you know exactly what’s in it and if you have prep meals available you’re less likely to grab at something else.

🥑 Having to find the time each day and think about what you’re going to make is stressful. Also wondering if you have all the ingredients, is everyone else going to eat the same. Less stress is always a win!

🥕 No more spending an hour in the kitchen every day … use that time for quality time with family and friends and doing things you love.

Top Tips:

⭐️ Get yourself a huge pan and baking dish - I got mine from Wilkinson’s super cheap

⭐️ If you’re short of space in the freezer, instead of Tupperware use sandwich bags for wet foods like bolognaise and tin foil mto wrap up drier foods in parcels like cottage pie.

⭐️ Keep an eye on the reduced section isle, you can cook and freeze food for months 😍

Inspirational recipes for our THISFITCREW members available on - ask me about diet coaching: where we learn about diet, not go on one!


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