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Ditch old fitness beliefs

Throwing away my old fitness beliefs is what helped me to get into the best shape of my life in my mid 30s!

Firstly let’s all acknowledge that it is noisy out there. The new ‘best workout’, the new ‘diet’ … but if you’re serious about making progress you need to forget the fads and start looking at implementing lifestyle habits that really matter:

❌ Lifting weights will make me bulky 

✅ Lifting weights will give you a ‘toned’ appearance - ladies don’t have the same muscle make up as men and it is very difficult to build muscle mass. Looking bulky is more to do with your diet. 

❌ I need to do cardio to lose weight 

✅ The only way you can lose weight is by being in a calorie deficit 

❌ Ab exercises will get rid of tummy fat

✅ You cannot target fat loss, where is comes off is down to your genetics 

❌ Muscle soreness means I had a good workout 

✅ Doing it better than last time is a sign you had a good workout 

❌ Carbs are bad and will make me fat

✅ Carbs are a source of energy and one of the 3 macronutrients our bodies needs for energy and health. Being in a calorie surplus is the only way you will gain fat 

❌ I need to severely restrict my calories to lose weight 

✅ Very low calorie diets can lower your metabolism and affect your basal metabolic rate. It can also result in not consuming enough micronutrients which your body needs to stay healthy. It can also encourage binging, yo-yo dieting and a poor relationship with food.

The list goes on …. 

Ensuring healthy lifestyle habits are consistent like sleep, water, nutrition and exercise will result in sustainable fat loss and improved body composition. 

Remember fast weight loss often means loss of water and even muscle mass and in most cases a fast weight gain once returning to ‘usual’ habits.

I hope this was helpful. If you need support with implementing healthy lifestyle habits ask me about Fit Mum Diet Coaching, a personalised plan with daily coaching support to help you achieve your goals and maintain them.

Fit Mum Coaching - Diet, Fitness, Mindset, Habit Implementation & Accountability. It's time to ditch toxic FADs and restrictive diets!  Fit Mum coaching is my nutritional, fitness and lifestyle plan that provides you with realistic targets along side daily lifestyle goals. 

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