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evacuation marathon

Can you join us to help those who suffered the impact of Operation Pitting? #theevacuationmarathon

Find out more about The Evacuation Marathon and what we are doing to help:


In August 2021, military personnel conducted the largest humanitarian aid operation since World War 2, evacuating over 15,000 people in 2 weeks.

On Sunday 2nd July, Channel 4 streamed a 3 part series on the operation. you may have spotted Pauls big head on the tele

Just watching evacuation was hard enough let alone being there. I can’t imagine how tough it was for everyone and feel sick thinking about all those who struggled to reach the processing point, the kids involved, the families separated, abandoned and lost children, the ones who had to go into hiding, the ones who lost people, the ones who had to treat people, and the ones like my partner Paul who had to watch, control and make probably some of the most toughest decisions of their life.

I am merely the partner of one of those military personnel and it took me nearly 2 years to be able to listen to some of the more harrowing stories from my partners mouth, including the story of the events where a suicide bomber took the lives of 182 people including 13 US military personnel.

What can we do as a civilian to support those who had to endure this horrific process?

In August 2021 when Paul first left for Kabul and I didn't know what to do, I spontaneously one day when I was struggling got up, walked a marathon and raised some money to help an Afghanistan crisis charity. 2 years on and after the release of the Evacuation documentary I am hoping to do it again with more support and more donations.

This is an event that will be open for all to attend, you can do a full or half marathon and it will be a walking event. There is a recommended donation/fundraising amount for participation or if you are unable to attend we would welcome any donations to support us to hit as much as we possibly can to support refugees, asylums and our own service people.

Who are we fundraising for?

Refugee Action

To support those who have fled from Afghanistan. Supports those who are far from home and who have nowhere else to turn. Support to people seeking safety and campaigning for their rights.

Support Our Paras

To assist military personnel who supported with the evacuation in Kabul.

Welfare assistance to veterans, serving soldiers and families to complement or fill the gaps in State provision. Also extending their fundraising to Royal British Legion SSAFA and Help for Heroes

Route: We are following the Colchester Orbital Route which is around 15 miles. Anyone participating in the walk can choose to complete a half or full marathon.

Meeting Point: Bright Selection, 1 The Courtyards, Wyncolls Road, Severalls Business Park, CO4 9PE (next to fitness4less) - Arrival for 9:00am to start at 9:30am. Approx duration half marathon 3-4 hours, full marathon 6-9 hours. Google Maps

Participations: This is a walking marathon. Anyone is able to participate with us to support the efforts of The Evacuation Marathon however there is no organisation or organisational lead and any one participating should assume sole responsibility for their health and wellbeing for this activity.

Donations: We would recommend a minimum donation of £20 to participate and fundraising collections to the team fundraising page of £50 or more.

Group Page: Come and join in the fit mums chat in our Facebook group with all our events

If you would like to donate but you are not able to attend, we welcome any donations to support us to hit as much as we possibly can to support refugees, asylums and our own service people.

Please dig deep and give generously x

Please share our flyer with friends, families and colleagues.

The Evacuation Marathon
Download PDF • 1.90MB

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