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How to achieve Body Confidence

Body confidence comes from embracing the body you’ve already got 💙

Are you constantly telling yourself you’ll be happy when …

When what?

Trust me when I say, even if you hit that ‘goal’ there will be something else. There’s always something else.

Do you honestly know someone who is 100% happy with their body?

I mean am I 100% happy with my body? … no, if I was I wouldn’t have changed bits about myself. But since I have I have learnt that no matter how much I can change if I wanted to, it doesn’t change who I am or the way I feel about my body.

And honestly, any influencer or model you aspire to be like or wish you looked like, is being pretty god damn hard on herself right now to live up to the expectation that she’s supposed to be as perfect as her filtered posts.

Beauty, confidence and sex appeal all comes from within.

Embrace the lumps and bumps and marks and dots and spots. Own it!

Ps. This pic, the one showing off my fat rolls is the one @thisfitman finds sexiest & has had as his phone wallpaper for the last few months 💁🏼‍♀️ what you might not find sexy … others might

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