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Podcast: Worry more about who you are, not how you look.

Discussing; insta v reality, parenting, mental health and what is really important.

So I was recently asked to join Dean Hammond & Scott Robinson on their podcast - The Art of Performance - talking about using my experience to the benefit of any and all who may have struggled to maintain a healthy mind and body. Building a platform and community of people seeking guidance as they take control of their physical and mental health with a goal of creating a happy and peaceful life.


'You're amazing Lisa! So real, so down to earth, straight to the point and very honest! We need more people like you in the world. Sorry for what you have had to experience but it def has made you who you are today! Great podcast.'

'I thought it was amazing, I even had a little cry'

'I bloody loved it!! It was such a great podcast, educational too. You are an inspiration for all you have been through. Really engaging and great'

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