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So, the new Fat loss injection works …

No, I am not talking the skinny jab. A research team at The University of Texas at San Antonio has successfully developed an anti-obesity drug that blocks an enzyme linked to cholesterol absorption and obesity.

Today, around 63% of all UK adults are classed as being overweight, and of these, half are living with obesity. Incredibly, a third of all children leaving primary school are classed as being overweight, and one in five of these are living with obesity.

So extreme measures have been made to try and tackle this crisis.

But… how did we get here? How the hell is 2/3 adults and 1/3 children overweight or obese?

The UK diet industry is worth an estimated £2bn a year, yet 98% of diets fail. I believe this is because people want quick results. Most diets are focussed on weight, and quick weight loss. From Slimming World to Slim Fast, Weight Watchers and Herbal Life. You also have supplements claiming fat loss, the ‘Skinny Jab’, fat loss exercises, toning cream… and behind these products is a sales and marketing team who spend thousands of pounds to work out your insecurities and monetise on it.

There is so much wrong with all FAD diets, but the key thing that is wrong is the lack of FACTUAL INFORMATION. Diet companies deliberately keep you from the truth because, truth = control.


1) You can cause your body to burn less by eating too little

2) It can cause a bad relationship with food

3) It can become restrictive and boring

4) It can become unsustainable

Is the Fat Loss injection the answer? ... Maybe for some people who have reached a point where their health is at serious risk, but ultimately we want to sort this before we reach this point. And still how are people managing this long-term.

THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES and it is not just about physical appearance either. This is about your health. Fuelling your body to work to it's best ability and supporting it to prevent chronic illness and disease. Health is priceless and you don't know what you have got until it is gone... and sometimes once it has gone, you aren't ever getting it back!


For us and for our kids! Seeing mums live a healthier and happier life, learning to love the skin their in and passing on their knowledge to their kids is where I get most reward!

Beat the industry & fight the FADs! Educate you and your family to live healthier and happier lives.

Not sure where to start? That’s ok, that is where everyone starts and that’s why I set up Diet Coaching, to educate you!

Now reserving places for April coaching, I would love you to join us.

Diet Coaching

Real Women - Real Results

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