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Stop Telling Mums "you'll get your body back"

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The 4th trimester brings us some things we’re expecting including sleepless nights, nappy mishaps and exhaustion.

But we’re never really ready for things like cracked nipples, haemorrhoids, haemorrhages, constipation … and a soft and squishy body.

The global loose skin and stretch marks industry was estimated at USD 2.45 billion in 2020.

From Kim Kardashians miracle cream to fat girl 6 pack spray - there are many products you can buy on the market that claim to ‘help’ … But it has been scientifically proven by many dermatologists that a cream or lotion cannot penetrate the skin deeply enough to do this.

Perfection doesn’t exist pre or post babies and the goal for a ‘toned’ belly or 6 pack … is that really going to make us happy?

Harsh truth - your loose skin & stretch marks are probably there to stay, and the more fat you loose the more skin you’ll end up having.

“You have to work on the mind before you can work on the body.” Thisfitmum

Sure you can lose fat & build muscle (tone up) but it’s important to work to an achievable goal and accept some imperfections are so damn normal … and beautiful.

Yours, thisfitmum x

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