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Refuse giving up!

On Wednesday it was January 17th... and Jan 17th is know as 'quitters day' because most people who set New Year’s resolutions quit them.

Ideas and goals sound exciting … trying to achieve them can be hard work. And once the motivation of #NewYearNewMe passes … what is making you fulfil those original goals?

Heres some tips to keep working on your goals even once the motivation is gone:

  • 💪🏽 Do it even when you don’t want to. The more you do this the more you create discipline and habit which will later evolve into motivation - push past the barrier.

  • 💪🏽 Don’t jump in at the deep end if you can’t swim. Starting something new can be daunting and the final result seems so far away. Don’t put yourself in a huge deficit or give yourself 6 workouts a week if it’s not sustainable - choose something that fits in with your lifestyle which you can maintain. Even if that’s just starting with 1 workout per week, once it becomes a habit, add in 2 per week etc

  • 💪🏽 Be realistic - expect bad days, expect not be able to do everything. You will face interruptions and challenges. Every time you come back you create stronger mental discipline.

  • 💪🏽 Leave wagons in the 18th century. Stop labelling your progress as jumping on and off the ‘wagon’. This can demotivate you further

  • 💪🏽 Stop calling your fat loss journey a diet and stop telling people you’re on one. We all have a diet and the meaning of ‘diet’ is the food we eat - don’t label your journey negatively - it also gives people the opportunity to peer pressure you or try and restrict you

  • 💪🏽 Don’t cut out anything you can’t cut out for life - if it’s unsustainable it will only encourage yo-yo behaviour

  • 💪🏽 Surround yourself with positive influence - we are more likely to succeed if we are with people who have the same mindset

  • 💪🏽 If all else fails, remember who is watching! As a mum YOU are the main influence on your child. Monkey see Monkey do! You eating healthy, exercising and ultimately looking after yourself will teach your child to do the same. Just like not looking after yourself will teach your child that this is NORMAL!

You get to choose what normal looks like! So, if today or even this week hasn't gone to plan, make sure tomorrow and next week does! Make 2024 not only the year that you don't quit... make it the year that you REFUSE TO GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!

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