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Why I didn't celebrate my birthday...

They may have celebrated by birthday last night but I didn’t …

  • I celebrated a lady who is recently divorced who got dressed up and felt sexy for the first time in a long time

  • I celebrated a lady who started dating again & felt comfortable wearing clothes she wasn’t sure was ‘too much’

  • I celebrated a lady who worked as a care worker through Covid and had untold amounts of stress and pressure but still continues to kick ass

  • I celebrated a lady who has body dysmorphia and despite all her progress doubts herself but is learning day by day she is beautiful

  • I celebrated a lady who was previously mentally and physically abused and is learning to look after and love herself

  • I celebrated a lady who recently had a baby and is making sure she allows time for herself

  • I celebrated a lady who is learning to love her post pregnancy body

  • I celebrated women … who are learning to love the skin they're in. Women who support other women and promote love and kindness and encouragement.

Together we are stronger I sincerely love each and every one who has ever joined @thisfitcrew … i just love how it attracts such beautiful and kind individuals - my USP is you crew

Thank you! I celebrate you x

THISFITCREW is an exclusive community open to all ... welcomed with open arms, my mission is to educate one woman at a time to not only support her to have a healthy body, but also a healthy mind.

If the only thing stopping you is nerves... sign up because I promise you there is no other community like it

My proudest achievement

Personalised & flexible plans to fit your ability, goals and lifestyle

Eat the foods you love

We help you to create a positive relationship with food & activity

We support you to create new habits that are easy to maintain

Changes you can continue ... for life

6 Week Programme with the option to stay on with continued support

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