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The Best Time to Eat!

Everything gets so over complicated and confusing when it comes to ‘diets’.

The magic formula - the magic pill … they’re all trying to sell the dream whereby a particular method, diet plan, supplement or exercise will help you to achieve a magic number on the scales or a fast track option to looking beach ready.

It’s insulting! It’s insulting to those who don’t understand and it’s insulting to those who work hard to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There may be some benefits to eating at certain times but not enough to overcomplicate the fundamental rule of energy in v energy out.

What works for the ‘majority’ is understanding what energy in v energy out means, knowing how to tune into their body and understand it, how to create balanced meals and then supporting them with implementing new healthy habits that will support not just their body goals, but their health.

By placing big restrictions on food like times may mean we miss huger cues and come less in tune with out body. Furthermore it’s likely to be unsustainable which means another case of yo-yo dieting.

I want to help ladies feel beach ready, but I also want to help my ladies so they can enjoy a slice of cake without guilt and be able to still dance when they’re 85.

If you’re serious about making real life changes you have two days to sign up and register for Julys Diet Coaching - our last one this summer!

(There is no group in August)

- KLARNA Available -

All sign ups & registrations must be completed by 7th July

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