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New Year incoming...

Mums always put themselves last in the pecking order, it's just a fact!

Old fashioned mum guilt, unaligned prioritises and plain old excuses have us sacrificing our needs. Of course, becoming a mum means compromising our schedule, but, it turns out putting our self-care first actually helps us to be pretty damn awesome parents.

Consider this... your children are fully grown adults. As a parent, how you behave, how you incorporate self-care will have a huge impact on how your children as adults behave and self-care. After all you are their super hero, monkey see monkey do.

Parents are strong influences in the lives of young children, with patterns of behaviour established in the early years laying the foundation for future choices. A new study suggests that, when it comes to levels of physical activity, it is mothers who set (or don’t set) the pace.

So whilst you're thinking skipping a workout would be beneficial to your child, in fact the opposite is far more positive.

Same goes for eating habits. Having your children witness the 'norm' of eating home cooked and healthy balanced meals is going to create their norm.

Mums putting their health first is (simply put) NOT selfish, it's a priority... if you want your children to lead by example! (Which they will)

That doesn't mean you have to become a fully fledged fitness addict or compromise eating pizza. It is about understanding what balance means and prioritising your health in way that is balanced and flexible, just like you hope your children will do the same.

Mums are NOT last priority. Mums are the example, the blueprint of the next generation! And mums learning a healthy, balanced lifestyle is beneficial for the whole family!

Fit Mum Coaching by Thisfitmum is a plan that helps mums to prioritise their health and wellbeing. After all a healthy body is a healthy mind!

During our 6 week Fit Mum Coaching we support mums t0 create that balance, putting aside fitness and diet myths and FADs. Teaching mums how to have a flexible approach to health, because kids and life are not predictable. We don't just prescribe a plan, we guide you and help you to adjust your lifestyle in a non-invasive way allowing you to move workouts to another day, eat out and enjoy life to the full.

We don't demonise foods, or movie days ... we incorporate LIFE! But we also motivate you to show your children that Mummy's needs are important too!

A burnt out and unhealthy mum is no good to anyone.

And as part of our plan you join a Fit Mum community, inspiring you daily and reminding you of the bigger picture.

So, if you are 'stuck in a rut' and don't know where to start, let us not only help you but inspire you to be the best version of yourself! Fitter, healthier and calmer.

You deserve to be put first!

Join us in 2024

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