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Stop sabotaging your diet...

Are you someone who struggles to stick to a 'diet' - well maybe it is time to stop being on a diet and rather just work on the one you already have.

5 ways you might be sabotaging your diet...


The all or nothing approach:

Striving for nutritional perfection is a sure way to set yourself up for failure. Being healthy doesn't have to mean complete restriction but rather making better choices where you can.

People who normally adopt the all or nothing approach may talk about 'falling off the wagon' after a sweet treat or takeaway which takes away your control over your food consumption.


You don't need to bargain with food. Saying 'I will eat a salad on Tuesday so I can eat what I want on Saturday' creates a restriction and binge cycle. As does someone who eats a salad on Monday because they had a 'heavy weekend'.

You are in control of you, learning self-control and moderation as well as allowing all of your favourite foods in your diet will help you to create a sustainable diet that doesn't just last a few days.


Start Monday

There is no pause button for health. If you eat a high calorie meal you can simply focus on your next meal. You don't have to wait until Monday, next week or the New Year to make health conscious choices.

Nothing terrible will happen when you eat one high calorie/sugar/fat meal, the problem comes if you let that one meal turn into a whole weekend/week/month/year.

Reward V Punishment

Exercise shouldn't be punishment food eating, nor should food be a reward for exercising. Exercise actually only contributes towards 5% of your total daily energy expenditure.

Exercise should be a reason to get and stay strong so you can still dance when you're 70, not because you ate a pizza.


The Easy Button

We all want to take the short cut, but in reality health is for life. Healthy living isn't in the form of a jab, pill, shake or cleanse it's in the small things you do each day like getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating nutrient dense foods and being generally active.

When you focus on the quick fixes you are pushing yourself further away from your overall goal.

Stop sabotaging your diet. It doesn’t need to be all or nothing. Working on your mindset and implementing small healthy habits on your diet will help you reach your goals and maintain them.

Don’t start Monday - start now.

• go for a morning walk

• swap some crisps for veggie sticks

• replace that coke with a water

• cook a chicken breast rather than nuggets

Little conscious efforts each day will lead to big results.

Creating a healthy mindset and implementing small healthy habits can make a big difference over time that will enable you to achieve results that last forever.

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